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Dermaroller | Results - Recovery Time - Side Effects

Most people have at least 4 dermaroller treatments. Your results will be based on the number of treatments and the severity of your skin concern. Your age, health, diet, genetics and lifestyle will also play a vital role in your recovery time.  Do not expect immediate results. Several dermaroller treatments are required for noticeable improvements since your body takes time to regenerate new collagen.

As the dermaroller is much less invasive than popular lasers and skin peels, recovery time is much shorter. This short downtime is a major advantage of using the dermaroller. The average recovery time is between 2 to 5 days and depends on the aggressiveness of your treatment. There are little side effects. You will either experience mild or very red skin depending on the needle length used. It normally disappears within 24 to 72 hours. Occasionally slight skin peeling will also occur several days after your dermaroller treatment.

We recommend that your roll at night as this is the best time for the skin to rest and regenerate. Investing in an organic skin range is also advisable as you don't want your skin to absorb parabens, colourants, preservative, etc.

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